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Life Celebration provides funeral professionals with the proven strategies, training and resources to consistently stage memorable and meaningful experiences.

More and more families are seeking to uniquely honor and celebrate their loved ones with highly personalized funeral experiences. For funeral homes, this means the standard approaches that served so well for so long are no longer enough. The generic menu of goods and services simply cannot substitute for the deeply personal tributes families now desire.

In addition, funeral homes are also facing growing competition and market pressures that threaten their top and bottom lines like never before. This is causing many funeral homes to search for new ways to differentiate themselves and deliver greater levels of value.

Life Celebration is a comprehensive solution – developed by funeral directors for funeral directors – that provides funeral professionals with the capability to expertly stage meaningful funeral experiences for families while creating new revenue and growth opportunities for the funeral home.

Recapturing our economic vitality requires that we shift more rapidly away from commoditized and easily replicated goods and services. We must focus on creating greater economic value that cannot be easily automated, outsourced, knocked-off, or over-leveraged. Life Celebration, in offering experiences and transformations, offers that next generation of value.
-- James H. Gilmore, co-author of The Experience Economy.
Life Celebration prepares funeral professionals at every level in the organization to consistently and passionately guide families to a deeply personal – and transforming – Life Celebration Experience. By helping families remember and celebrate their loved ones in this powerful way, we earn the trust, respect, and loyalty of the families and communities we touch.

In return, the growing network of Life Celebration Community Homes enjoys unparalleled distinction in the marketplace, long-term competitive advantage, and proven revenue and market share growth.

To date, Life Celebration has inspired and guided thousands of families in creating their own memorable Life Celebration Experience. Find out why forward-thinking funeral professionals are turning to Life Celebration to better serve their families, grow their business, and protect their future.